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Gather an insight into Bermagui’s history and heritage dating from the early 1800s

Bermagui Museum

Our small museum at the Bermagui Community Centre offers a modern historical research facility to the public. The museum collection includes objects and photographs that combine to tell the stories of Bermagui in days gone by. Marvel at the exhibitions of industries, clothing, military, machinery, transport and household effects, as well as family histories.

Operated by a dedicated group of volunteers who form the Bermagui Historical Society, the museum is a must see for those wanting an insight into the town’s heritage that dates from European settlement in the 1830s. There are a number of books, many available only in Bermagui, that provide a wealth of information about Bermagui's history and early settlers.

The museum is open from 10am to 2pm on Friday and Saturday or by special arrangement.

Bermagui Community Centre, 1-3 Bunga Street, Bermagui

Bermagui Heritage Trail

Follow the Bermagui Heritage Trail to discover people and places of historical significance in Bermagui’s settlement and days gone by. The trail covers several sites around the town and nearby areas with sign boards providing information and images. The trail extends over 15km from Cuttagee Beach in the south to Wallaga Lake Bridge in the north. A trail location guide and Bermagui town map, which has the sign locations marked with a green H, are available from the Bermagui Visitor Information Centre.

Bermagui Community Centre, 1-3 Bunga Street, Bermagui
Ph: 02 6493 3054

Bermagui-Wallaga Lake Yuin Cultural Heritage Trail

The nine information signs on this 15km long trail are an initiative of the Merrimans Local Aboriginal Land Council, Bermagui Primary School and the Far South Coast Branch of the National Trust. They recognise the sacred places, legends, history and recent achievements of the Djiringanj Clan of the Yuin Nation who have been the custodians of this country for 40,000 to 50,000 years. A location guide is available from the Bermagui Visitor Information Centre, along with a Bermagui town map which has the trail sites marked with an orange Y.

Bermagui Community Centre, 1-3 Bunga Street, Bermagui
Ph: 02 6493 3054

Montreal Goldfield

In September 1880, gold was discovered on a beach north of Bermagui. Named Montreal Goldfield, the rush barely lasted from 1880 to 1883 but nearly 250kg of gold was unearthed using only a pick and shovel. It became the only goldfield in Australia that extends into the sea.

This goldfield was also the start of the great unsolved Bermagui Mystery – the disappearance of a government surveyor and four other men.

The Montreal Goldfield tour is a great outing for families, experience seekers, interest groups of all ages – clubs, school groups, geologists, bushwalkers, birdwatchers, individual sightseers and more.

Access to the site is by guided tour only, conducted by trained local historians who reveal the mysteries and anecdotes of times gone by. Tours run daily at 2pm – except Mondays and Fridays during winter months and Good Friday and Christmas Day. Please book for groups of 12 or more. Special arrangements welcomed for large groups.

769 Wallaga Lake Road, Wallaga Lake
Ph: 02 6493 3054

101 Objects - Discover Bega Shire's Hidden Heritage

101 intriguing objects from throughout the Bega Shire have been included on a new ‘Bega Shire’s Hidden Heritage’ listing illustrating what a fascinating history and heritage the region possesses. All 101 objects are illustrated and described in a free booklet available at the Bermagui Visitor Information Centre and Bermagui Library and are also downloadable here. Links to more comprehensive libraries of information about each of these objects are also provided. You can also download the app “Bega Shire’s Hidden Heritage” free from the App store.

This is a great opportunity to undertake a journey of discovery on the Sapphire Coast and learn something new from something old.