Coastal Wilderness Drive

A wilderness and a place for all seasons. Discover timeless beauty, sparkling blue seas, unspoilt beaches, leafy national parks and amazing marine wildlife.

Whether you want to escape for days or just get closer to nature without leaving civilisation too far behind, there’s a way to see and experience  vast stretches of wilderness, national parks and a ocean teeming with life.

Listen to bellbird calls ping through the forest over mountain streams. Delight in the squeak of sand under your toes and the echoes of fish jumps reverberating around gorges and lakes so still you can hear a whisper from the other side.

Download   – Route 9 Coastal Wilderness Drive brochure

Trail Map

To view an individual point of interest, click on a marker below and select 'more info'. From there you can step through the trail one point at a time. Download links for GPS devices and Google Earth can be found below.

If your GPS requires a specific format for map data, download the GPX file above and use an online converter such as GPS Visualiser to convert to a format appropriate for your GPS. Select 'Waypoints' as the type of GPS data you would like to convert.


Watch dolphins play, sea eagles soar and whales breach. Tune out and relax on beaches by rolling surf or challenge yourself trekking, mountain biking or kayaking in awe inspiring coastal wilderness.